“The Festival – with its emerging global reach driven largely by social media and its moving event schedule – gives these new leaders a larger platform in the international community of 21st century activists and influences…Fly, drive or take the train to Santa Barbara. The new sisterhood will be there to greet you.”  — Giovanni Rodriguez, Forbes.com contributor


“Thank you for making this festival bigger, and better, and fabulous!”  — Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider

“Thank you! The Festival inspires so many people, and I’m proud to be here.”  — Lynda Weinman, 2013  presenter and  three-time sponsor

“I plan on making next year’s conference, as well. I’m hooked and inspired beyond belief.”  — Karen Frye, 2013 presenter and  two-time attendee

“What an amazing Sister Herd of Spotted Zebras! Womenwho desire to live outside their stripes of limiting beliefs and comfort zones to create the lives of inner and outer success. I will love my hubby forever for nominating me as, that was the door to meeting you all.”  — BarBara Crawford, Gutsy Gals Inspire Me award nominee 


“The Bacara venue was conducive to a very uplifting event. The theater was a great place to hear the speakers, and I noticed everyone in the audience seemed engrossed as well as comfortable.”  — Linda Gregory, volunteer 


 “Thank you for a wonderful weekend with the Women’sFestivals and the “Power Up at the Power House” event. You…have brought together an amazing group of powerful and influential women.”  — Sabrina N. Kranz, Financial Advisor for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management


“I have been trying to put into words the wonderful experience we all got to have. Stellar, life-affirming, brave-bold-beautiful, fun-fearless-flowing, expert-enterprising-exceptional and absolutely perfect for every woman’s inner entrepreneurial spirit. The sisterhood and sincere sharing elicited powerful mental and spiritual fortification and the incredibly professional, helpful, humorous and genuine speakers were wonderfully selected as were all the varied and interesting vendors not to mention the extravagant venue– wow! Thank you for a truly GREAT time- Let’s do and make MORE – Little did I know when I was first called at work to promote this event that it would be uplifting and promoting me years later. I just can’t stop gushing to everyone about that weekend!”   — Dorothy Dent, owner of Sweethearts Bakery and festival attendee


“Big cheers to you and the whole Women’s Festival team – well done!…the speakers were great, in particular the last one who had the entire ballroom positively levitating with energy! It all made for a high energy, entertaining and very engaging afternoon. The glow of the Festival lingers as I continue to recall the stories, experiences, journeys and encouragement shared by the speakers….it all had great “tingle” (my new favorite word). Bravo to the whole team.   Can’t wait to see what you have planned for next year!”  — Sally Irving, Festival attendee


“What an amazing day I had at the Women’s Festival! I am stunned and impressed by the speakers, the energy, the exchanges going on. ‘Power is a currency’ is the overall message I brought home from it all..my heart is soaring; I’m so inspired by the stories of the speakers, every one of them “got” me. I am going to volunteer next year.”  — Rose Keppler Moradian, Festival attendee